I know it’s been a long minute. I’m sorry I haven’t kept my blog up to date. I was so caught up in life going, going, going that I forgot to appreciate it.

I never realized how blessed I was with the little things. Being able to go out and play.eat.shop; my three favourite things in the world. I was so caught up in living and moving around that I didn’t even cherish my days as each day was so fun. Basically, what I’m saying is I took everything for granted.

I think a lot of us are feeling like this these days. Am I right?

Ever since we have all been on lockdown I am starting to reminisce on the past which was not too long ago. When I could go out freely. Travel freely. Shop freely. Go out for exquisit dinners freely. Laugh in person and in public with my friends and family. To have that all taken away in a very quick minute is sad. Extremely sad and emotionally draining among other things. Scary.

People’s mental health is going to be affected with this pandemic and the lockdown. I think the key now is to remind ourselves of everything we are grateful for in our lives and write it down. I never thought about what I was grateful for on a daily basis because I was spoiled. I admit it I was. I honestly think a lot of us were because we had it all. We kept it moving because that’s how our generation is.

Today I am thankful that I am healthy and that I am alive. Others around the world are losing their lives every day to this virus. I am thankful to have time to reflect on my life and have started setting more goals for when we come out of this.

I think the key to surviving this thing mentally is to surround yourself with a good support system of virtual love. Thank God for video chats and House Party in these times. Could you imagine going through this back in the day with no internet? We truly are spoiled because people back in 1918 during the Spanish Flu most definitely did not have it like we do today. We are truly blessed for so many reasons. Human connectivity is so important and the fact that we can at least virtually connect is amazing during this crazy time.

There is a ton of free online learning available right now for so many disciplines. It’s absolutely amazing. Even Nike has made their workout app free to workout with. I wanted to share something with you that might help during this time. Yale is offering a free course online that I thought would be great to enrol in while in lockdown.

The Science Of Well-Being is a personal development course designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. It’s approximately a nineteen hour course that you complete at your own pace.

You can even purchase a certificate from YALE upon completion! How cool is that?

If you think you would benefit from a course like this for absolutely free I would highly recommend it. Knowledge is power especially when that knowledge is about you and your happiness.

Check it out : https://www.coursera.org/learn/the-science-of-well-being

Thanks for reading ya’ll

Stay safe out there!

Ms XquisiT