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I feel so bad. I know it’s been a hot hot minute since I been on here! Life just gets in the way and sometimes you lose interest. Just keeping it real! But there’s so much in this one life we got to live to share with all my XquisiT people and I never wanted to give this up!

I love to love. I love to live. I love to have fun, to shop, to play. Basically I love to LIVE!

I love to live like each day is my last. I want it ALL HONEY! Entertainment, excitement, laughter, love every single day. And, I love to share and make people happy. To laugh together. To play together. This world is huge but not so much anymore. We can share in each others’ excitement and lives so easily these days. That is why I created Play.Eat.Shop. 

And now, with Instagram Stories, which I prefer over Facebook stories, I’m literally having a blast. It’s like a dream come true. Showing the world what’s up! And if we share common interests via the hashtag# it’s even funner creating this world community together!

Please check me out @playeatshop on Instagram. I still use Facebook and Twitter and Google plus and will continue to update on there when I run a post like today! Links are below this post. But, on the real my beauties… Instagram is my ultimate fave. And I’m not getting paid to promote them lol. But I feel like it’s dope enough for me. How do you all feel? What do you prefer?

I look forward to connecting with you XquisiT people out there on these platforms building a world community where we illustrate how we all Play. Eat. Shop. ❤️

Enjoy the upcoming holidays and please be safe out there ?

Hit me up on any of the platforms below but as I mentioned ? you know I love me some Instagram❤️.

Regardless, I’m here and I’m back ready for some more adventures. 2019 here we come!!!!!

Much XquisiT ❤️ Love,

Ms XquisiT ?


I recently attended the premiere screening of SPY featuring the one and only Melissa McCarthy! I was so excited to see this movie as Melissa McCarthy can do no wrong. In my eyes, she is literally the funniest actor right about now; she always delivers and never disappoints when she’s doing her thing up on the big screen!

FullSizeRender_4Since 2011 when Bridesmaids was released, Melissa has stayed active in the game successfully being featured every year (usually in the summer months) with a new blockbuster hit, proving to be a true comedy queen in her own right! Paul Feig, who also directed Bridesmaids and The Heat, is the mastermind director behind SPY. This fact in itself should give you an idea as to what to expect. Basically, get ready to roar and maybe even cry because SPY is one of the funniest movies you’ll ever see!

IMG_8603I personally would have to say that SPY was definitely Melissa’s best movie yet! There was consistent action throughout the movie as Susan Cooper, played by McCarthy, volunteers to become a CIA secret agent after holding a CIA analyst desk job. The audience in the theatre (with it’s amazing reclining seats) was howling throughout the movie as we watched Susan Cooper (McCarthy) take on different, yet, funny personas assigned from the CIA. One which stands out for me is Cat Lady with her supposed ten cats living in Ohio while of course rocking a cat sweater! All this to prove herself as an agent.


Susan’s mission is to determine the location of a nuclear bomb from a dangerous woman, Rayna Boyanov (played by Rose Byrne) who knows the identities of all their agents. Two of the main agents in SPY are Bradley Fine (played by Jude Law) and Rick Ford (played by Jason Statham).


I loved how the movie was mostly filmed in Europe. We went on a crazy ride throughout Rome, saw the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre and caught a 50CENT concert in Budapest! Yes! 50CENT was in SPY as he played himself! This is just a touch of what we saw in Europe, but, I absolutely enjoyed the amazing scenery the film crew captured of these gorgeous cities while Susan Cooper was fighting evil and actually kicking ass!


I don’t want to reveal too much more since SPY is not out in theatres until this Friday, June 5, 2015, but, there’s a lot of hilarious one-liners, intense stunt work and several unexpected events throughout the whole action packed movie. One that stands out is when Melissa McCarthy is shown wearing a secret agent trench coat and heels while attempting to ride a motorcycle with a roof. As she’s about to take off on her newly acquired ride she literally falls over to the side with the bike while the car she’s chasing gets away. She of course makes her comeback with another bike that she finds, flies through the sky over a construction site, only to land in wet cement! Absolutely unexpected, however, totally epic!


I hope you enjoy SPY featuring Melissa McCarthy and her amazing cast as much as my friends and I did. I literally was cry/laughing!

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