I live in Los Angeles and in a fabulous country by the name of Canada. It’s a hard knocked life I know. I get the best of both worlds. For that, I’m completely grateful.

One thing I love about LA is that there is always so much going on. Basketball, hockey, soccer, concerts, festivals, parties, etc. You can even go check out live tapings of shows for free. I’m not going to lie I used to do a lot of that when I first started my time in LA years ago. If you are ever interested in checking out shows such as James Corden or Jimmy Kimmel check out for the hookup.

Another thing I used to love doing was going to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and see my favourite celebs get their stars. My absolute favourite moment was when I witnessed Donnie, Jordan, Joey Joe, Danny and Jonathan aka NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK get their star years ago. I grew up on NKOTB and I’m still a huge fan so this was huge for a Day one fan. I even saw Mariah Carey get her star. It was cool the first few times but once you become more of a local citizen of LA you kind of outgrow these cool free events as there’s so much to attend all the time.

I recently discovered that one of my favourite artists, Snoop Doggy Dog got his star on November 20, 2018! I was super excited for him but was really bummed out because I was in town that day and that is one event I would have most definitely gone too.

If you’re ever interested in checking out a walk of fame ceremony refer to the following website for upcoming ceremonies. I wish I had been checking it:

Congratulations to one of my favourite artists Snoop Doggy Dog. I just checked his star out today. It’s right in front of the Jimmy Fallon Studio.

I’ll be back to dance on your star Snoop! You the greatest that ever came out of the LBC Long Beach!

Next time you’re in Cali check the Hollywood Walk of Fame out and for tickets to cool shows.

Talk soon❤️

Ms XquisiT ❤️


Hollywood Boulevard is one of those streets in LA that people from around the world come to visit. Why? Because it is one of LA’s most famous attractions known for all the glitz and glam of old and new Hollywood. We love The Chinese Theatre with the celebrity handprints in front on the cement.

If you’ve ever been to Hollywood Boulevard, you know what I’m talking about when I tell you about the excitement the stars embedded on the Hollywood Walk of Fame cause amongst all of its’ visitors. I have never been on Hollywood Boulevard and not seen people lying on the famous pavement posing for pictures next to one of their favourite stars on the ground.


Last year, I actually got to coincidentally see New Kids On The Block receive their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of LIVE NATION. This was actually pretty cool as I was always a NKOTB fan since I was a child.


The other day I had heard that the legendary Mariah Carey was going to be on Hollywood Boulevard receiving her star on the infamous Hollywood Walk Of Fame! I was shocked that she hadn’t received one yet! I was off that day so I decided to go down and check her out. First of all, it was the hottest day of my life this year in LA. There was definitely about 2000 fans there! I’m not sure how I managed to do so, but I did see Mariah and her twins, alongside LA Reid. It was beyond cool to witness the ceremony as Mariah achieved this landmark!


Mariah was really sweet on the mic when she accepted her honour. She was emotional and humbled and this just made me love her more. I remember being in junior high when she first came out with “Vision of Love” and never stopped loving her. I kind of feel like her new Song ”Infinity” signifies that Mariah will always be making hits for her LAMBS until Infinity!

photo 5

If you ever are in LA and a celebrity is getting recognized with a star on the WALK OF FAME, I highly recommend you go down and check it out because it is most definitely a very cool experience to be a part of. You are literally witnessing history as you are privy to a celebrity receiving a huge honor and award. I, myself, got emotional because Mariah isn’t exactly a nobody. She is an icon and to be a part of that history is something that I will never forget! To Check out Mariah’s star on Hollywood Boulevard, head to the W HOTEL and it is literally right in front!

photo 1

Congratulations to Mariah Carey! Thank you also to the Hollywood Walk of Fame for putting on these cool events while allowing the public to join in the festivities. If you ever want to know when a future Walk of Fame event is coming up, check out:

photo 2

photo 3

Thanks for reading! If you ever do happen to go down to Boulevard for one of these events, please let me know! I’d love to hear about your experience! Don’t forget to bring water ‘cuz it gets hot!

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