I live in Los Angeles and in a fabulous country by the name of Canada. It’s a hard knocked life I know. I get the best of both worlds. For that, I’m completely grateful.

One thing I love about LA is that there is always so much going on. Basketball, hockey, soccer, concerts, festivals, parties, etc. You can even go check out live tapings of shows for free. I’m not going to lie I used to do a lot of that when I first started my time in LA years ago. If you are ever interested in checking out shows such as James Corden or Jimmy Kimmel check out for the hookup.

Another thing I used to love doing was going to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and see my favourite celebs get their stars. My absolute favourite moment was when I witnessed Donnie, Jordan, Joey Joe, Danny and Jonathan aka NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK get their star years ago. I grew up on NKOTB and I’m still a huge fan so this was huge for a Day one fan. I even saw Mariah Carey get her star. It was cool the first few times but once you become more of a local citizen of LA you kind of outgrow these cool free events as there’s so much to attend all the time.

I recently discovered that one of my favourite artists, Snoop Doggy Dog got his star on November 20, 2018! I was super excited for him but was really bummed out because I was in town that day and that is one event I would have most definitely gone too.

If you’re ever interested in checking out a walk of fame ceremony refer to the following website for upcoming ceremonies. I wish I had been checking it:

Congratulations to one of my favourite artists Snoop Doggy Dog. I just checked his star out today. It’s right in front of the Jimmy Fallon Studio.

I’ll be back to dance on your star Snoop! You the greatest that ever came out of the LBC Long Beach!

Next time you’re in Cali check the Hollywood Walk of Fame out and for tickets to cool shows.

Talk soon❤️

Ms XquisiT ❤️


I had the opportunity recently to check out SOUND in Hollywood. If you’re into real house music, this spot is really doing it right.


From the minute you walk into the club, you literally feel that bass from the speakers vibrating your feet. This is a very rare experience, however, music lovers will appreciate this amazing hospitality from SOUND.


There’s beautiful people everywhere just mesmerized by the sounds in this sexy lit place. One beauty that actually impressed me was the wall with the lights that bounced up with joy every time the beat would hit. I’ve never actually seen anything quite like it. That, and the disco ball shark gliding from the ceiling. Yes, you read correctly a disco ball shark!


House music DJ’s from all over the world come to play at SOUND and our group of friends thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. There is bottle service or you can do your own thing like the old days by walking right up to the bar.


Another treat for those that enjoy their cigarettes: a patio with couches and artsy pieces in the back. My favourite part about this? There’s no roof. In L.A., this is a novelty as many spots have you go out front and outside of the venue to do your thing. We enjoyed the fresh air while still hearing the music on a perfect summer night.


I will definitely get back to SOUND again for that amazing bass, cool atmosphere and real good house music! If you happen to go, let me know about your experience! I’d love to hear about it!

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One of my absolute favorite places to chill at while sipping on organic tea or coffee is URTH CAFFE in West Hollywood. If you’ve never been to URTH CAFFE, it’s definitely worth checking out. URTH CAFFE is known for their organic specialty coffees, coffee drinks and teas. They also offer a retail section inside URTH CAFFE. This retail section sells a variety of coffee making equipment, URTH CAFFE mugs, tea infusers and a whole lot of other exciting merchandise to make your at home experience just as exquisite as it would be at URTH CAFFE.

URTH CAFFE also offers high-quality health conscious meals with a huge selection of delicious desserts in a relaxed casual atmosphere at its six Los Angeles locations.     The desserts are baked fresh daily and offer several choices to choose from ranging from very rich to low fat, however, they do also provide vegan dessert alternatives!

URTH CAFFE provides a very diverse menu with a wide array of soups, healthy entrees, organic salads, pizza and sandwiches. I absolutely love the margarita pizza. The basil is always so fresh!

URTH CAFFE definitely has a positive energy that everyone seems to love! 

I hope you enjoy URTH CAFFE as much as my friends and I do!

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Miss XquisiT


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