I live in Los Angeles and in a fabulous country by the name of Canada. It’s a hard knocked life I know. I get the best of both worlds. For that, I’m completely grateful.

One thing I love about LA is that there is always so much going on. Basketball, hockey, soccer, concerts, festivals, parties, etc. You can even go check out live tapings of shows for free. I’m not going to lie I used to do a lot of that when I first started my time in LA years ago. If you are ever interested in checking out shows such as James Corden or Jimmy Kimmel check out for the hookup.

Another thing I used to love doing was going to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and see my favourite celebs get their stars. My absolute favourite moment was when I witnessed Donnie, Jordan, Joey Joe, Danny and Jonathan aka NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK get their star years ago. I grew up on NKOTB and I’m still a huge fan so this was huge for a Day one fan. I even saw Mariah Carey get her star. It was cool the first few times but once you become more of a local citizen of LA you kind of outgrow these cool free events as there’s so much to attend all the time.

I recently discovered that one of my favourite artists, Snoop Doggy Dog got his star on November 20, 2018! I was super excited for him but was really bummed out because I was in town that day and that is one event I would have most definitely gone too.

If you’re ever interested in checking out a walk of fame ceremony refer to the following website for upcoming ceremonies. I wish I had been checking it:

Congratulations to one of my favourite artists Snoop Doggy Dog. I just checked his star out today. It’s right in front of the Jimmy Fallon Studio.

I’ll be back to dance on your star Snoop! You the greatest that ever came out of the LBC Long Beach!

Next time you’re in Cali check the Hollywood Walk of Fame out and for tickets to cool shows.

Talk soon❤️

Ms XquisiT ❤️


You know that high you get when you shop? No? Seriously? Ok, I must admit I’m a bit ridiculous when it comes to shopping. I can actually count it as my hobby! This isn’t always something to be proud of and to be honest I had vowed that I was done with shopping. I promised myself that I would only shop for actual necessities such as food, water and some hair products because Lord knows I most definitely need that Moroccan Oil in my tresses. Ok, I’m getting off topic. That’s what happens when I get home after working hard all day shopping.


Saks Off 5th outlet just opened its’ first location in LA at Beverly Connection. I was walking by there on N. La Cienega trying to grab a Coffee Bean. I looked to my right and there it was. A brand new store with fluorescent pink lights calling my name. I tried to walk away, I really did. I told myself I’ll walk through the store for only two whole minutes for a simple, quick glimpse.


Next thing I know, I’m pushing a cart full of items throughout the two level, 27,000 square foot designer outlet store. I departed four hours later with several bags in hand feeling really excited with my amazing designer purchases.


This is LA’s first Saks Off 5th and the interior is absolutely beautiful. High end designer sunglasses, watches, bags, men’s attire, shoes, dresses etc are neatly set up for your viewing throughout the store. What I liked about this location is that there wasn’t any clutter. I wasn’t getting frustrated as I have in certain other claustrophobic shopping environments. It was clean, organized and beautiful!


The official grand opening is this Thursday August 6th at 9:30am. If you get there at 8:30am you can take advantage of the first come first serve excitement: every ten minutes $50 gift cards will be given out and some lucky winner will also be awarded with a $500 shopping spree! All weekend long the party continues with a live dj spinning hot beats that you can shop along to, more contests and free giveaways! If you happen to be one of the first 100 shoppers to arrive each day from Thursday to Sunday you’ll also be given a chocolate bar! Yummy! But guess what? Your bar might hold that Willy Wonka style golden ticket with a $100 gift card!

IMG_9898Tonight, (Wednesday, August 5), from 5-9 PM, WHO WHAT WHERE will be at Saks hosting a preview party. With a party of course comes refreshments! How generous of you Saks!


I am nursing my hangover from my shopping high but hopefully I will make it back to Saks in the next few days to try and score that golden Willy Wonka ticket! The nice thing about this location is Soup Plantation is right next to it, so, girl if you get hungry from shopping all day, check out Soup Plantation

I will leave you with a beautiful quote I read today by a very wise woman who most definitely knows what she is talking about. Whenever you feel bad about loving to shop and looking fresh, please remember this:


Happy Shopping! Please let me know how it goes for you!

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