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Guess Who’s Back?!!!

Whatsup Ya’ll!!!!

Hope you are all doing so XQUISIT ❤️

I feel so bad. I know it’s been a hot hot minute since I been on here! Life just gets in the way and sometimes you lose interest. Just keeping it real! But there’s so much in this one life we got to live to share with all my XquisiT people and I never wanted to give this up!

I love to love. I love to live. I love to have fun, to shop, to play. Basically I love to LIVE!

I love to live like each day is my last. I want it ALL HONEY! Entertainment, excitement, laughter, love every single day. And, I love to share and make people happy. To laugh together. To play together. This world is huge but not so much anymore. We can share in each others’ excitement and lives so easily these days. That is why I created Play.Eat.Shop. 

And now, with Instagram Stories, which I prefer over Facebook stories, I’m literally having a blast. It’s like a dream come true. Showing the world what’s up! And if we share common interests via the hashtag# it’s even funner creating this world community together!

Please check me out @playeatshop on Instagram. I still use Facebook and Twitter and Google plus and will continue to update on there when I run a post like today! Links are below this post. But, on the real my beauties… Instagram is my ultimate fave. And I’m not getting paid to promote them lol. But I feel like it’s dope enough for me. How do you all feel? What do you prefer?

I look forward to connecting with you XquisiT people out there on these platforms building a world community where we illustrate how we all Play. Eat. Shop. ❤️

Enjoy the upcoming holidays and please be safe out there ?

Hit me up on any of the platforms below but as I mentioned ? you know I love me some Instagram❤️.

Regardless, I’m here and I’m back ready for some more adventures. 2019 here we come!!!!!

Much XquisiT ❤️ Love,

Ms XquisiT ?


One thing that I love is makeup. The colours, the brushes, contouring, highlighting, creating. I enjoy all of it! It is exquisite art that we get to play with! I get so excited when I come across high quality gorgeous eyeshadow palettes. One of my favourite  brands is TOO FACED. TOO FACED has several palettes out, but, one that I absolutely adore is “THE RETURN OF SEXY.”

FullSizeRender_4This palette by TOO FACED is amazing because it offers versatile artistry. From sexy neutrals, smoky greys and gorgeous purples you can really get creative with this palette. I love the fact that there’s 15 shades with a variety of sparkle, shimmer, pearl and matte finishes. These 15 shades are further organized into 3 collections: The Ingénue, The Icon, and The Bombshell.

FullSizeRender_1TOO FACED also provides three cards with step by step instructions on how to use each of the 3 collections. These three cards are conveniently tucked away behind the mirror!

Included in the palette is a TOO FACED “Shadow Insurance” (waterproof primer) that you place on your lids prior to beginning your shadow application. A little goes a long way! I find that doing this keeps the shadow perfectly set and crease free all day!

FullSizeRender_3TOO FACED also throws in their “PERFECT EYES WATERPROOF EYELINER.” Ladies! This liner will not go anywhere until you wash it off at the end of your day! This stuff is the truth!


I became obsessed after using this liner for the first time when I started using the palette. It is now my go to liner!


FullSizeRender_3I love this TOO FACED palette because I can easily carry it in my purse when I have a long day and need to touch up. It’s perfect for travelling because it doesn’t take up space in your makeup bag as several eyeshadow pots do. I’m personally in love with it and actually have a few in my house stowed away in case TOO FACED ever stops making it! I am a fan of the CHOCOLATE BAR palette by TOO FACED also, however, “THE RETURN OF SEXY’ is my number one!

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Miss XquisiT



My New Secret Weapon…Can You Guess What It Is?

I generally go into Sephora about once a week as I love to check out all the goodies they’ve got going on. Usually, there is something new. Today, I happened to stumble upon a beautiful treasure.FullSizeRender-13I’m sure you’re looking at this pink bag wondering why I would get so tickled pink over it?!. Well, let me tell you, this beautiful pink bag is a clutch with makeup built into it! Can you say discreet but oh so sleek?


I love how this palette includes seven complete makeup looks inspired by the latest trends such as Bohemian, Safari, Vintage, Tropical, Urban Chic, Rock, and Glamour. It evens comes with instructions to help you create super fabulous looks with all these gorgeous colours. Each look of shadows comes in sets of four with one blush and lip gloss for each set! Can you say amazing!!!

I was so blown away at how cute this pink bag was when I opened it to discover my ultimate dream come true: makeup and in a bag. Now, nobody ever needs to know that your cute handbag is actually your secret weapon all in one!


Of course, I grabbed a few as I wanted to show my bride to be best friend this ultimate bridesmaid gift as a an option for her girlfriends in the wedding. Super affordable and under 40 dollars. Sadly it is LIMITED EDITION. So, if you want one girl, head over to Sephora and grab it while it’s pink hot!

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Miss XquisiT

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