Hello friends!

It’s been a long hot minute since I’ve posted! So sorry my friends! I’ve been so busy and overwhelmed with a move that just feels like will never be completed. But, I missed you all and wanted to touch base and start writing again. Finally, it feels as though things are starting to calm down.

I hope you all are having an amazing Fall/Winter and playing safe out there.

Recently a good friend of mine, fellow blogger Mr Fabulous from http://immrfabulous.com asked me if I wanted to get involved with some filming of products for YouTube! Of course I said yes as whenever the two of us get together it is always so much fun.

Today, I’m sharing a magnificent product that we truly enjoyed; The Little Life Box. Basically, for under $30 a month you can subscribe to this company for a variety of  8 to 12 full size and sample size items that are organic, natural and/or eco­friendly samples of carefully selected products, including non­GMO, gluten­free, raw and vegan choices.

I absolutely fell in love with The Little Life Box. Check this YouTube link to see why!

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Miss XquisiT