Dining outside of your personal kitchen can be challenging at times when you’re trying to eat healthy and clean. This is why SOUPLANTATION is one of my favourite establishments to eat out at. SOUPLANTATION prides themselves on providing a unique experience in dining where you can create your own fresh meals from an assortment of high quality fresh foods from salads, pastas, made-from-scratch soups, baked potatoes and pizza.

SOUPLANTATION  has 128 company-owned restaurants in 15 states with over 300 million guests since 1978 when its first location opened in San Diego. Their prices are very reasonable for an all you can eat healthy and fresh experience while also offering a help yourself takeout alternative.

One of my favourite parts of the SOUPLANTATION experience is of course dessert from their artisan bakery! SOUPLANTATION offers freshly baked breads and muffins, fresh fruit and desserts but the best part of all is that these sweets are gluten free!

I love SOUPLANTATION because it’s definitely a healthy alternative when dining out! I love going to the BEVERLY location in LA because after a day of shopping at BEVERLY CENTER and BEVERLY CONNECTION, SOUPLANTATION is the perfect restaurant to unwind at while eating guilt free with the healthy fresh options they offer straight from the farm!

Check out for a location near you!

I hope you enjoy SOUPLANTATION as much as my friends and I do!

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I spend a lot of time in Culver City, Los Angeles. Culver City is a unique town as many studios are located there, and, originally was the birthplace of several movies. The other day as I was walking through Culver, there was a lot of noise being made at eleven in the morning. It was the sound of engines and people cheering. As I got closer, I realized I had gone back in time !

This was exciting. But what was even more exciting was how excited the people at the 12th Annual Culver City Car Show were. Some were even dressed like the 1950’s era. I felt like I was in a clip of the Happy Days as tunes from that time  were being heard throughout the event.

This event takes place yearly and is put on by the infamous George Barris, creator of the Batmobile, the Munsters’ Koach, the Beverly Hillbillies’ jalopy and many more rides from television and movies that he himself created! George Barris is originally from Culver City! His very own great creation The Munsters’Koach was also on display alongside great classic cars & hot rods from all across California! The Munsters’ Koach was really cool to see up close!

Funds raised by this event supported many charities. It was a fun event filled with history, oldies music and revving engines all day. I really enjoyed myself!

For more information for next year’s Annual Culver City show:

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Have you ever found yourself surrounded by clothes, shoes, accessories and bags that you once just loved so much and now are ready to just throw out or donate? I was going to get rid of a bunch of dresses and bags, but, was contemplating doing so simply because I had paid a pretty penny for them and they were practically brand new or never worn. My friend told me to check out WASTELAND in Los Angeles because if they like it they buy it from you right then and there!!!  Of course, there are some rules involved:


I went in last week with a few designer dresses and bags and walked away with less clutter and money right in my pocket. Well, actually it was a cheque, but still! I was happy! I’ve used other consignment stores in the past where you have to leave your goods there and then six months later you get a call about how much money is in your bank. This is good too, but, there’s something rewarding in knowing you just instantly got paid and it’s Friday night!


Located on 7428 Melrose Avenue, Wasteland also has locations in San Fransisco, Santa Monica and Studio City.


Wasteland only primarily accepts designer, vintage and independent labels that are in good condition. They give you a cut of what they price the item for and then provide you with a cheque.


If you’re in the mood to shop when you do your drop off (buybacks are between 12-6 PM daily), there’s a huge selection of clothing for men and women’s attire, shoes, handbags and sunglasses. I even saw a TED BAKER LONDON men’s dress shirt for $22. The prices are very reasonable for designer items. If you’re lucky, I’ve even seen gorgeous Louis Vuitton bags at WASTELAND in the past.



If you ever want to rid your closet of your designer items and get paid instantly, then check out WASTELAND!

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Since I was a little girl, I was accustomed to eating all things Greek due to my family’s heritage. Kalamata Olives, Spanakopita, Feta Cheese, Greek Salad (FYI: a real Greek salad NEVER contains lettuce) and of course, Greek yogurt. When we would go to Greece, this was a snack that even kids enjoyed with some honey on top.


It wasn’t your typical watery yogurt that we had grown up on in North America. No! This was the good stuff. Thick, delicious and tasty, this yogurt was actually good for you as authentic Greek yogurt has always been known for its high protein substance. The problem with desiring real Greek yogurt was that you would have to be in Greece to buy it! Not anymore!


I know there is currently a huge fad with everybody wanting Greek yogurt. Yes, there’s many companies that make it. But, I’m telling you if you want authentic Greek yogurt that then you must try FAGE GREEK YOGURT because this company is straight from Greece with the authentic recipe dating back as far as 1926 when the company was created.


I was super excited when I came across it at TARGET years ago in the USA because the last time I had seen FAGE was in Greece. FA-YEH actually means EAT in Greek. They have a factory in NY state and supply FAGE Greek Yogurt in the United States. Unfortunately, FAGE doesn’t supply to Canada yet, but, hopefully that will one day change. If you’re a Canadian resident, contact FAGE via TWITTER, FACEBOOK OR CALL1-866-962-5912. Let them know there’s an interest for FAGE in Canada! Canadians deserve this high protein gem!


FAGE is fat free, all natural and gluten free. Additive and preservative free, high in protein while vegetarian friendly, FAGE Greek Yoghurt is the way to go with 23 grams of protein per serving! Check out more details on FAGE’S nutritional benefits:


The way we eat it is with some honey on top. You can use it in your protein shakes, smoothies, deserts and while cooking delicious recipes. If you are a fan of GREEK TZATZIKI sauce, you should definitely make it with FAGE Greek yogurt. With TZATZIKI, the thicker the yogurt is, the better the TZATZIKI turns out. Since FAGE is super thick, it really complements the TZATZIKI taste and experience.If you are feeling creative, FAGE also has some amazing recipes on their website as well as on their Facebook

I’ve tried some already and my traditional Greek mother was impressed!

Greek yogurt is EVERYTHING right now, but, if you want the ORIGINAL high protein recipe straight from GREECE, then please try FAGE GREEK YOGURT! Once you try FAGE, you’ll never go back!


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America the beautiful with her LIMITED EDITION Oreos

Whenever I’m in the USA, I always take the time to hit up one of my favourite stores TARGET Target is amazing in the states as many of us know. There’s something for everyone from household items, furniture, clothes, shoes, etc. They got it all. However, my most favourite department at Target is the food aisle! I can literally take my cart and roam the aisles, discovering gems that are not available in Canada. One of my besties and I occasionally get a chance to do this together and we get so excited when we find the most amazing food items that we are deprived of up top.

Last night, I discovered a jewel. I almost fell over.


Cotton Candy Oreos? Limited edition of course. I giggled like a school girl, threw my head back and threw them in the cart. These would not be left behind!

But then…


Are you kidding me? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreo cookies! Limited Edition also.


I just did the taste test! So pretty, so delicious, so exquisite. I actually felt like I was eating cotton candy and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Oreo most definitely got it right with these flavours! I’ll be going back to Target to get more for my friends up top in Canada.

Oreo generally releases LIMITED EDITION flavours. In the past they’ve released: Banana Split, Watermelon, Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Cup, and Golden Birthday Cake to name a few. Rumour has it that S’mores Oreos will be hitting the stands Summer 2015.

If you get a chance to try these LIMITED EDITION Cotton Candy or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreo cookies please let me know how fabulous you think they are!!

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I have had a love affair with MAC COSMETICS since I was 16 years old. I remember my very first colour was VIVA GLAM II for ten dollars. I remember I even kept the box and would walk around proudly in high school that I was rocking MAC on my lips. I was even further prouder as I got older when I realized that MAC COSMETICS was originally from Toronto, Canada. Many years later, I can honestly declare myself a MAC junkie as I know there’s many of us out there. I can’t even count how many lipsticks I own. I honestly think I own all of them. Their colours are phenomenal and never disappoint. Aside from their regular collection,  MAC is known to create even newer, more gorgeous colours for lipsticks, shadows, liners, etc and do a launch every so often in a calendar year. Of course, I constantly am checking out MAC to see what’s new and of course to check the new launches. Here is their most recent launch “MAC IS BEAUTY”:


Unfortunately, I always get attached to certain items, especially lipsticks, which usually are limited edition when part of a launch. I sometimes find myself being “cheap” with using the product to have it last longer when it is a limited edition item. Does anybody else do this?


I ended up giving in last week as these very lipsticks were yelling my name!
I bought CATTY, a light creamy pink with warm, yellow undertones and a soft shine. I completely fell in love with the colour and of course the name CATTY!


I also couldn’t resist leaving without READ DOLL, a light pink-lilac(Lustre). It was so girly girl pink but had a mature vibe about it with the touch of lilac.


Of course, there’s still so many in the collection but I was completely attracted to CATTY & REAL DOLL for the colour, texture and of course the names!

Hope you see something you like in the current MAC IS BEAUTY COLLECTION out right now. Rumour has it, RIHANNA aka RIRI is coming out with her own collection very soon….in true Riri fashion, hope her latest anthem “bitch better have my” is true to the sense with that RIRI makeup because we ready Rihanna!

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My New Secret Weapon…Can You Guess What It Is?

I generally go into Sephora about once a week as I love to check out all the goodies they’ve got going on. Usually, there is something new. Today, I happened to stumble upon a beautiful treasure.FullSizeRender-13I’m sure you’re looking at this pink bag wondering why I would get so tickled pink over it?!. Well, let me tell you, this beautiful pink bag is a clutch with makeup built into it! Can you say discreet but oh so sleek?


I love how this palette includes seven complete makeup looks inspired by the latest trends such as Bohemian, Safari, Vintage, Tropical, Urban Chic, Rock, and Glamour. It evens comes with instructions to help you create super fabulous looks with all these gorgeous colours. Each look of shadows comes in sets of four with one blush and lip gloss for each set! Can you say amazing!!!

I was so blown away at how cute this pink bag was when I opened it to discover my ultimate dream come true: makeup and in a bag. Now, nobody ever needs to know that your cute handbag is actually your secret weapon all in one!


Of course, I grabbed a few as I wanted to show my bride to be best friend this ultimate bridesmaid gift as a an option for her girlfriends in the wedding. Super affordable and under 40 dollars. Sadly it is LIMITED EDITION. So, if you want one girl, head over to Sephora and grab it while it’s pink hot!

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Get your Pool Party On & Get Your Nails Did Girl!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and patios are open! Yes! It’s finally Spring 2015. One of my favourite things about Spring & Summer is all the fun colours that come out to get our nails and feet did. Last summer, I discovered the hottest colour by China Glaze



“Pool Party” by China Glaze is absolutely fabulous for the season we are in. It’s fun, flirty and perfect for your pedicured feet or manicured nails.


I literally bought 5 at Sally’s Beauty Supply recently because I know friends will be requesting it. Affordable and under 10 dollars you seriously can’t go wrong with this professional salon quality polish by China Glaze.


A few coats of Pool Party with a glossy top coat, followed by some ONYX PROFESSIONAL QUICK DRY SPRAY to seal that colour and you got yourself the hottest Spring/Summer 2015 mani/pedi. Hopefully, you’ll be going a real pool party. I guarantee you everybody’s going to want to know why your nails look so fresh to death!

Enjoy Pool Party by China Glaze & Onyx Professional Quick Dry Spray!

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Growing up, I was always taught and told by dermatologists to clean my skin with soap and water. However, it never felt like it was really clean with this method so I was always on the lookout for something that would get it right. Fast forward to 2010, I discovered the greatest gadget to get my skin spic and span clean while preventing breakouts and helping with anti-aging.

I present you with the Clarisonic Mia2™ Skin Cleansing System:


I recently purchased this device for a friend of mine after constantly hearing complaints that her 30 something skin was not looking it’s finest as she was battling breakouts. I too had this issue years ago until I thankfully started using the Clarisonic and now I cannot live without it. This particular device has two speeds for added cleansing customization with a pulsing T-Timer for a 60-second cleanse. It also has a user interface indicating speed and charge functions.


I really like it because it feels like it cleans deep and gets all the gunk out of your skin, further allowing for serums and creams to absorb deep into your skin. I do remember that when I did start using it, I had experienced some mild breakouts as it was really deep cleansing, but after a few weeks new beautiful skin was revealed. I’ve been using it now for almost five years and I believe it has really helped keep my skin clean and blemish free while helping with anti-aging. The company claims that the Clarisonic has the power to remove 30 times more age-accelerating pollutants than manual cleansing and I would have to agree with this statement. I definitely notice a difference in my skin if I don’t use my Clarisonic as it does not feel beautiful as it does when I use it.


It comes with a battery charger so you never have to worry about purchasing batteries. I also love how it comes in many different colours for males and females. They now provide you with a cute protective travel case which is awesome for those of you that travel.


It’s easy to use. You simply apply your choice of cleanser to your face, wet the brush, hit the on button for the desired speed and away you go. You move the brush around the sections of your face using a small circular motion, beginning on the forehead, then moving to the nose/chin area and the cheeks as the T-TIMER prompts. The beauty about this device is it is also waterproof.

The brush heads last about 3-4 months and there’s many different heads available, depending on what you’re looking for, from deep clean, sensitive skin, normal skin, etc. In the USA, at SEPHORA, they also have a brush for acne-prone skin, which I absolutely love. These single brushes are available for $30 or $46 for a twin pack.


Available for approximately $180 CDN with a two year warranty at:,,

You can also get this fabulous tool with two extra brush heads for $220 CDN at:,rpp:20#592707

I like referring people to shop here also for the simple convenience that these great people at allow you to make monthly payments if you require this amazing service. Use code SHIP150 for free shipping!

I hope you get a chance to try the Clarisonic Mia2™ Skin Cleansing System because I know you’re going to love this amazing, yet, affordable investment. I’m definitely Clarisonic for life because it got my skin looking right!

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So let’s make one thing clear, I’m a girl who loves shopping designer items at a discount. When I see a bargain, it’s a YAASSS GURL moment! So when my dear friend invited lil’ol me to the grand opening of DSW in Calgary AB, which happens to be its first location in Western Canada, I was there in a New York Minute. DSW The DJ had people grooving along to old school house while others were busy snacking on delicious appies. For those who craved sweets, there was a candy bar and as for me, I multi-tasked by sipping wine while shopping with friends! photo 3 At DSW, the prices are amazing and the selection of women’s and men’s shoes, bags and accessories is massive with that much space! With over 22,000 styles of shoes in their collection, there is certainly something for just about anyone. And for those shoe loving girls who can’t wait to spread the word, they even send you home with a cute recyclable bag. photo-3 It’s a great way to scream you love shoes! No socks, no problem, because they’ve got them too!! photo 4 It’s time to play dress up with the new kid on the block and at DSW, Cross Iron Mills, they’ve got something for everyone!! photo 2 It’s time to Play, Eat, SHOP!

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